I offer a number of standard workshops.  They are offered both on a scheduled and an on-demand basis.  I offer them both for individuals and for couples.

Please check my events calendar for upcoming dates.  If you would like to schedule a workshop for your group, please contact me.  If you are a therapist, coach or trainer and would like training and permission to use these workshop materials, please contact me.

Let’s face it, asking for what you want clearly and directly can be scary. No one wants to be disappointed. We’re afraid of being too needy. Too dependent. Too … well, everything.  And your lover should know what you want and when you want it if they really love you, right?

In this workshop, we’ll explore together how making clear requests is the lifeblood of a loving relationship. You’ll see that there is nothing more intimate than asking for what you really want and picking your partner as the person you want to contribute to your joy!

That all sounds good but how do you do it? Sign up for this workshop and you and your partner will learn how to:

  • Get clarity on what you really want,
  • Make clear requests to your partner,
  • Be flexible to ways of getting your needs met,
  • Stop keeping score,
  • Share appreciations for the ways in which your partner contributes to the joy in your life.

Tony Robbins says the #1 skill in relationships is emotional fitness. And my relationship coaching experience has shown me he makes a good point!  The good news is emotional fitness is learned through systematic practice.  It is incredibly powerful for a couple when you practice together.  In this workshop, we’ll develop your emotional fitness similar to physical fitness – by practicing! It’s even more powerful and meaningful because you and your partner will be practicing together.

The program will support you in developing emotional fitness skills:

  1. Noticing feelings as they arise,
  2. Developing a tolerance of uncomfortable sensations,
  3. Having an awareness of thoughts that accompany emotions,
  4. Naming the feelings with a fluency for talking about them,
  5. Pausing and not defaulting to your habitual reaction, and
  6. Choosing how to respond

Most importantly you’ll value and decipher emotional experiences as whole body messages designed to remind you about what you value most!

Support is one of the fundamental needs met in romantic relationships.

  • Is it sometimes challenging to know how to support your partner?
  • Is your experience that your partner is reluctant to share feelings or make requests for support?
  • Do you struggle with asking your partner for support?
  • Does your partner offer support in ways that don’t fit your needs?
  • Do you want to be more present to your partner’s feelings?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you need to censor your feelings for your partner?

In this workshop you will learn specific skills for cultivating support in your relationship. We’ll focus on your romantic relationship but the principles and skills are transferable to other intimate relationships (close friendships, family, etc.) too.

After the workshop, you’ll bring specific approaches to your relationship:

  1. Your partner will feel strengthened and comforted by your support.
  2. Your partner will feel more ease and trust, so that they will feel more open to sharing their fears with you.
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