Invest in your Relationship …

A large part of my coaching is supporting couples to learn new relationship skills.  Now I am offering those skills in workshops.

  • After a fight, when things cool down you wonder “what were we fighting about?”
  • Do your emotions influence how you treat your partner in ways that you regret?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable telling your partner what would make you feel good?  Or is it challenging to get clarity on what would feel good?
  • Do you feel obligated to do what your partner asks of you even when you don’t want to do it?

If any or all of these things sound familiar, now is an opportunity for positive change, to grow with your partner, and to focus specifically on your relationship!

“Rob has helped me clarify what is most important to me and how to be in relationship with my wife in ways that align with my values.

He and I role-play and practice specific situations to reinforce healthy skills for connection and communication. 

I am noticing positive shifts in my marriage!”


Coaching Client

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