Navigating Conflict

(duration: 15 mins)

Real couples, real issues, real strategies that work for navigating conflict. I use excerpts from the Showtime series “Couples Therapy” to illustrate tips for approaching difficult conversations in a way that leads to feeling more connected, more understood, and more collaborative. For even more, read the companion article.

Intimacy: 3 things that get in the way for asking what you want

(duration: 9 minutes)

In this video, I explore the benefits of asking for what you want.  Why is it challenging? 3 things to keep in mind to get better and better at making requests.

What is relationship coaching?

(duration: 8 mins)

Using clips from the Showtime series Couples Therapy, I present how I would notice patterns and introduce skills when working with a couple or an individual.  This one focuses on transforming an apparent impasse into an opportunity for greater understanding & flexibility to meet both partners’ needs.

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