Would you embark on a journey without a plan? a map?  supplies?

What about a life-long journey with a partner filled with unknowns and uncertainties?

The Relationship Roadmap program streamlines the process for you & your partner to check in on where you are now, refuel, and plan the next part of your journey together.

The 4-session Relationship Roadmap program focuses primarily on Relational Needs and Relational Skills as the guideposts for your relationship journey. Each progression through the program is individualized for the uniqueness of your relationship.  It starts with a guided check-in for you and your partner to share your experience of the current state of your relationship – strengths on which to build & opportunities for growth.  From there, the focus is mapping out the path forward together, along with practicing the skills you will need for co-creating more connection, understanding, and care.

What to expect

The Relationship Roadmap program is consists of 2 online assessments (one for each partner) and 4 private 90-minute sessions for the couple.

Who is it for

The Relationship Roadmap program is designed specifically for a couple in a committed romantic relationship.  If your relationship is going well, here’s an opportunity to take it to the next level.  If you are experiencing challenges in your relationship, this program will clarify the roots of the challenges and empower you with new relationship skills.  

How to apply

Please complete the form below.  We will review your request, and you will be contacted to discuss whether the program is a fit for you at this time.

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