It’s time for your Relationship Checkup

About me

My work as a Relationship Coach is to support individuals and couples.  I draw upon skills from Mindfulness, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and Relational Life Therapy (RLT) to shed light on the dynamics of your particular relationship.  Sometimes partners can get stuck in ways that they can longer see clearly.  As a person outside of your relationship, my coaching provides a helpful perspective.  I teach you the skills to use disagreements and conflicts as the material for deep connection and healing.  Unlike many traditional therapies, my coaching produces quick results that you can see and feel as immediate & ongoing shifts in your relationship.  

Even if your partner is not ready to participate in coaching, I will work with you individually to empower you to bring new skills to your relationship.  Relationships are a system so when one person changes, those changes influence the other person too.  No matter what happens in your relationship, you have mastered those transformative personal and relationship skills to bring to wherever you go & whomever you are with.

When you’re ready to invest in positive changes, it starts with a free initial consultation.  That free initial consultation allows me to learn more about your situation, see if there may be a good fit in working together, and to propose a plan.

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