The support you need for mindfulness to change your life …

30-Day Meditation Kickstart Program

You’ve heard about all the benefits but struggle with a consistent, daily meditation practice?
In my decades of experience, I have heard many times “Meditation is not for me” or “I’m just not cut out for it, too easily distracted.”  What if you just need more support?  Drawing on what I learned from starting my practice and from supporting many people in their mindfulness journey, I put together a program to support you daily along the way … use the form below to register and get started today.

About me

My personal experience and my Relationship Coaching has shown me how important mindfulness is in relationships.  Period.

Part of my journey includes mindfulness, meditation, and secular Buddhism.  For many years, I led meditation groups and workshops.  

My passion is to support individuals and couples in creating & sustaining romantic partnerships that are fulfilling.  My coaching practice cultivates ‘relational skills’ including ongoing practice in bringing mindfulness to my clients’ lives & relationships.

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