Day 29 of 30: Difficult Days

Every day is different. Moment to moment your experience changes.  There will be days when it is difficult for you to concentrate, be still, or stay focused.  Take comfort that it happens to everyone.  Even people who have been meditating for decades encounter times when it is challenging.

What are some options for those times?  Mindful movement is sometimes a useful option for times when sitting still is a challenge or when you have a busier mind than usual.  Another option is to re-schedule your practice for another time later in the day. This option may be useful when you are tired or upset.  Additional options were offered in the 3 Tips For Meditating When Your Mind Is Busy post.

The more options you have at your disposal gives you greater flexibility & resilience for when you encounter obstacles!

For today

The invitation for you today is to practice using one of the approaches for when you encounter challenges meditating.  Select one.  Set your timer.   See how it works for you.   

After today’s practice, the invitation to you is to reflect on what you noticed.  Will this technique be another tool in your toolbox?

If you’d like, please offer what you learned in today’s walking meditation practice by sharing in the comments below.  Please raise awareness of this content by sharing it using the social media icons adjacent to it.  Please reach out to me if I can support you.

See you tomorrow!

Best wishes,


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