Day 14 of 30: Grand Central Station

Today, as you continue to explore and redefine your relationship with your thoughts, the invitation is to imagine a busy train station.  Imagine hovering high above all the tracks, observing the many trains arriving and departing.  They come from all different places.  They are headed to all sorts of different destinations.  Some are empty.  Some are full.  Some are shiny new high-speed passenger trains.  Some are slow, dirty cargo trains.  Can you picture it?

Your mind is the busy train station.  It is the hub into which all the trains flow in and out.  Your station controls the flow by deciding when the trains leave and what tracks they are on.  Each train is a thought.  As you observe it enter the station, you can inquire about it:  Where did it come from?  Why did it arrive now?  Do you wish to let it stay in the station for some time?  If so, how long?  Do you want to step on that train and give it energy to take explore where it leads?  Do you wish to usher it out of the station and wave to it as it leaves, then turning your attention to other matters?

If it speaks to you, today’s invitation is to give the analogy of your mind as a train station a try as a tool.  First, set your timer for your desired duration.  For the first few minutes, until you notice a deepening in your level of calm and focus, rest your awareness on the felt sense of your breathing.  Once you notice a calming, shift your attention to your thoughts as they arise. As each thought arises to your awareness, picture it as train arriving into your station.  For only a few moments for each train, inspect it: where did it come from?  where is it going?  Then direct it to continue on its journey out of the station.  Usher it out of your field of awareness.  Your station (your mind) and your awareness (the observer) remains.  And then another train arrives.  Repeat this process until your timer signals the end of your practice today.

After you meditate:  What was today’s experience like for you?  What does the train station analogy offer for you?  Did it help you in deepening your understanding of thoughts, how they arise, and how to choose what to do with them?  Does it influence your perspective about what is always available (your mind and awareness) versus what is fleeting (thoughts), and the distinction between them? Please share what you notice and any other observations in the comments below so everyone can benefit from your experiences.  Please raise awareness of this content by sharing it using the social media icons adjacent to it.  Please reach out to me if I can support you.

See you tomorrow!

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