Men's Group (Tuesday evening)

February 1, 2022 February 22, 2022

In present times it can be confusing to be a man. Expectations and norms are changing. Maybe people in your life request that they would love for you to be more warm and feeling but when you share your feelings they share a longing for your strength. Maybe people in your life say that they long for more autonomy and yet under certain circumstances they value the ease of your leadership & decisiveness.

In this 4-session gathering of men, we’ll create a supportive community to focus on feelings. Together we’ll explore and share about:

  • Experiences of emotions
  • What those feelings mean
  • Sharing those feelings with others in ways that they can hear & understand
  • Exploring what emotions clarify about what is most important
  • Habits in default expressions of feelings
  • Automatic tendencies for being with another person’s upset and alternative strategies for being compassionate and staying grounded

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