Judge Less, Love More

January 29, 2021

Being on the receiving end of judgments and criticism hurts. Judgments are disconnecting and distancing. Repeated judgment and criticism breeds resentment. The end result is either conflict or withdrawal. But what if there is another way? And what if it requires skills not widely known, so replacing judgments with requests and acknowledgements simply takes understanding and practice (lots of practice!).

Join Dr. Kara Nance and Rob Eames for a workshop that combines the enneagram and non-violent communication to offer practical insights and skills for transforming judgments into opportunities for connection.

Who is it for?  This workshop is for anyone wanting to learn and practice relationship skills.

The first hour will introduce the enneagram and its application to romantic relationships. The second hour will focus on exercises in which you will use your relationship experiences to learn ways to notice judgments and translate them into other ways of showing up with your partner.

You will be sent the link to join after registering.

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