Book Launch Talk: Noticing, A Foundation For Everything Else

October 2, 2021

Join me on Saturday, October 2nd for a free 1-hour interactive session to introduce the skill of observation.  Seeing clearly what is happening in the present moment, and distinguishing it from what arises in my thoughts about motives, past events, potential future implications, speculations, etc., is a fundamental skill for being in relationship with others.  Often, conflicts and misunderstandings can feel so maddening & intractable because they are based on unstated interpretations of what happened.  Getting clarity about what happened, in contrast to the self-created augmentations of what happened, can be a foundation for connection, understanding, and healing.  Please register to receive the link to join.

This invited talk is part of a series of sessions to promote Jim Manske's new book Pathways to Nonviolent Communication.

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