Listening and Speaking from the Heart

A Workshop for Couples 

  • Do you find yourselves arguing about the same old things without getting any resolution? Are blame and resentments creeping into your conversations?
  • Or, are things generally going well, and you’re looking for tips and practical tools to make things even better?

In this course, we’ll share practical skills to build your resilience and connection with your partner.

In the video below, Lisa and Rob share an overview of the course, and Lisa shares a quick tip …

In this online course, you will:

  • Learn how empathy and self-expression work together for greater understanding.
  • Practice new ways of listening and speaking with each other for improved communication.
  • Share with each other in ways that give you each the opportunity to have more of what you want in your relationship.
  • Learn how to “take a pause” to de-escalate arguments or disagreements, without leaving either of you feeling dismissed, abandoned, or shamed.

In this online course you will practice:

  • Gratitude: Appreciating your partner for things that they said or did that enriched your life in a way that is enjoyable for them to hear.
  • Honest Expression: Telling your partner about painful experiences you have had in the relationship in a way that makes it more likely they can hear you and be open to adjusting their behavior.
  • Non-judgmental Listening: Understanding what really matters to your partner – what they need in order to thrive in the relationship, and how you can support them in a way that also works for you.
  • Requests: Sharing what you need and welcoming your partner’s proposals, as foundations for intimacy & positive changes