For Couples

Coaching sessions for couples are tailored for what’s most important in your relationship right now.  What’s most relevant depends on whether you’re in a relationship that is struggling or making a good one even better.  The common theme is that I work with you both to learn & practice skills for intimacy, compassion, connection, and support so together you can meet what the future holds.

For Individuals

Coaching for individuals depends on whether you are in a romantic relationship or not. 

If you’re in a relationship now, maybe your partner is not ready or willing to participate at this time.  I focus on what you can do to show up differently with skills that shift your current relationship and prepare you with the resilience & strength for whatever the future holds.

Being single is the perfect time to grow and explore what you want.  Coaching sessions focus on healing & learning from past relationships, and growing the skills to partner wholly with another person.  

Programs and Workshops

Often there is value in attending workshops with others or to invest in a self-directed program.  Workshops and programs can be stand-alone or a complement to coaching.  Workshops provide opportunities to learn from other participants.  Self-directed programs can be a cost-effective option, empower you and your partner with the tools of a step-by-step course, and they give you an easy way to get to know me and how I may be of service to you.  Programs and workshops are being offered all the time.  Contact us if you’d like recommendations specific to your situation and needs.

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