Free Resources

I composed a number of resources that I offer for your use.  I hope you find them helpful in getting more of your relationship needs met. 

Each resource is sent to you after you register.  After registering, I will share other updates, resources, and events with you too.

eBook: Create the Closeness You Crave

 This eBook provides 5 simple things you can do to create closeness.  Scenarios and examples are included to support your practice.  The examples are helpful because changes to create more closeness come from doing things differently, not just understanding.

eBook: A Blueprint for Connecting Conversations

 This eBook provides a blueprint for being known & heard. It will help you avoid conversations that create distance & hurt.

What are some of the symptons of hurtful conversations?  A few are:

  • If you and your partner are in the middle of a discussion and you wonder “What are we talking about again?”
  • Past hurts and grievances keep coming up over & again.
  • At the end of a conversation with your partner, you feel like a wrung-out washcloth without the payoff of a greater understanding.
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