Coaching for Individuals

My work with individuals takes many forms depending on your current situation and your priorities.  Some examples include:

  • Fostering positive change in your current relationship when your partner is not willing or available to participate.  Most often, it only takes one person in your relationship to shift to get unstuck and spark positive change.  Plus, these relationship skills you develop will be of use to you across all the relationships in your life and no matter what happens in your current romantic relationship.
  • Healing from and learning from past relationship experiences.  Maybe it is a recent painful breakup that has left you with questions such as “What happened?  We cared about each other so much … ?!?” or “Is a lasting supportive relationship even possible?”  We work together to understand what happened, to identify your contributions to it, and to clarify the patterns in responses between you and your partner.  Those insights become the foundations for really getting clarity on what you want next and for practicing new relationship skills!
  • Navigating dating.  One purpose of dating is to get to know people and to determine who is a good fit for you.  But how do you do that? And dating can be both exciting & scary (and fun and uncomfortable and a bunch of other things too).  It starts with getting clarity on what is most important to you.  From there, we practice skills for how to show up as your authentic self in dating and how to really get to know the other person.

If you are an individual wanting support for getting your needs met in relationships, it starts with a free initial consultation to see if it may be a good fit to work together.

“In my individual sessions with Rob, we explore my marriage, including important topics such as my children, decision-making, intimacy, etc.  
He has helped me clarify what is most important to me and how to be in relationship with my wife in ways that align with my values.
Rob and I role-play and practice specific situations to reinforce healthy skills for connection and communication. 
I am noticing positive shifts in my marriage!”

Individual Coaching Client

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