Coaching for Couples

My coaching approach for couples meets you where you are and focuses on your priorities. 

  • Are you in crisis and need to resolve some sticky issues? 
  • Are you facing some challenges and need support navigating them? 
  • Are you doing okay but want to make your relationship even better?

I focus on your priorities and needs.  We track progress together to ensure you are experiencing positive shifts and maintain them over time.

What I want for you and everyone is the ease, support, trust, comfort, companionship, affection, and understanding that comes from a healthy, mutual, caring relationship!  That takes relatioship skills …

What you’ll experience in a typical coaching session is that I will notice patterns in your relationship that are contributing to what is not working well, I will interrupt them, and I will support you over time (and practice) to replace them with new ones that do serve you.

What types of relationship skills?

  • Self-compassion
  • Empathy for your partner
  • Moving past hurts and resentment
  • Resolving conflicts in ways that feel intimate, collaborative, and connecting
  • Collaborative decision-making
  • Mutuality and shared power
  • Authentic, honest sharing
  • Development and fostering trust
  • Caring for each other
  • … and many more


Rob’s perspectives saved my marriage.
For many years I interpreted my husband’s behavior as “controlling” and “mistrustful.”  So I judged him.  And told him “Stop trying to control me.”  Then Rob helped me to understand the behaviors as messages of care for me and fear.  When I acknowledged my husband’s care and empathized with his fears, he softened and was able to hear my needs for autonomy and respect.  It has made a world of difference to us!


Coaching Client

“I have re-discovered love and joy in my marriage.  After over 15 years of marriage that included raising children, I came to Rob in crisis that maybe my husband and I had drifted too far apart.  Rob helped me notice the ways in which my husband and I had become stuck in unhealthy patterns, the strong foundations we had built through commitment and shared experiences, and the ways in which both of us were creating disconnection & hurt.  Rob helped me decipher my husband’s behaviors and ways of communicating so I could replace my judgments with understanding and empathy.  My shifts in my marriage have contributed to new opportunities for intimacy, vulnerability, and closeness.”


Coaching Client

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