Reconnect to your partner using my Connecting Conversations Blueprint

We all want to be known and heard.  That’s one the primary reasons we’re in a relationship. 

But sometimes we get stuck in patterns of talking to each other that create more pain & disconnection than they re-connect us.

What are some of the symptons of hurtful conversations?  A few are:

  • If you and your partner are in the middle of a discussion and you wonder “What are we talking about again?”
  • Past hurts and grievances keep coming up over & again.
  • At the end of a conversation with your partner, you feel like a wrung-out washcloth without the payoff of a greater understanding.

Even if these patterns of disconnecting conversations have been going on for months or years, change is still possible.  Even if your partner is not interested in working with you, there are things that you can learn & practice to create subtle shifts with dramatic results.  I have seen it work …

I want to share these skills for connection with you.  The skills are organized into a blueprint you can follow.  I offer it to you as a free eBook.

I hope you find the blueprint useful.  It gives me a lot of satisfaction to be of service and to support positive change in relationshisp, so please reach out to me to share how it impacted your relationship.

If you are ready to get explore relationship coaching with me, it starts with a free initial consultation.


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