In my work with individuals and couples, unfortunately it is common that clients reach out to me when their conversations are hurting each other.  They report to me that talking with their partner is both painful for them and damaging to the relationship.  Unfortunately, ways of being together that are modeled to us in our society do not teach us the skills to be in a healthy relationship with each other.  Luckily, those skills can be learned! And my Connecting Conversations Blueprint can be a great start for you …

Communication is the fuel that nourishes a couple’s bond and ongoing connectedness.

And it is not just about how many words are shared.  More importantly it is how you talk to your partner, what you talk about, and the changes in the relationship that both of you experience from the discussions.  For example: Do you feel more connected to each other after you talk?

Communication is the primary way in which couples achieve many critical relationship goals, including:

  • Opening up about what is most important to you
  • Re-committing to your partnership
  • Sharing gratitude for how your partner enriches your life
  • Making requests as a direct mechanism for meeting each other’s needs

You Can Do It!: What You Can Do To Be Heard

In my work with individuals and couples focused on this topic, I developed the Connecting Conversations Blueprint as a handbook for many of the strategies everyone can do (either individually or together) to be heard, understood, and known.  The blueprint draws upon learnings from my experiences as a coach and the disciplines I have devoted my life to, including Mindfulness, Non-Violent Communication, and Relational Life Therapy.  

You’ll see that the blueprint is divided into the stages in each conversation: Before, During, and End.  I hope it is helpful to you in creating the romantic relationship you want too!  It is a tool you can use on your own but sometimes couples need my coaching services to support them in communicating more effectively.  Coaching starts with an initial consultation.

A couple sits near a lake