Your romantic relationship has a profound impact on the quality of your life.  Your romantic partner contributes to your fundamental relational needs

  • to matter,
  • to be understood,
  • to be heard, for support,
  • to trust, and
  • for affection. 

I support individuals and couples to co-create fulfilling romantic relationships that consistently and reliably contribute to these needs.

What to Expect

Some ways to get to know more about me and to decide whether it may be a good fit to work together include:


Whom do I Serve

I focus on relationships.  That work takes many forms, such as:

  • Couples in crisis – I work with couples in crisis to unravel & repair years of resentment, mistrust, and hurt.
  • Couples who are comfortable in their relationship – I work with couples who need support to unlock the potential in their relationship for greater intimacy, connection, understanding, and growth.
  • Individuals in relationship – If your partner is not available or not interested at this time, I work with you individually.  When you show up differently, key dynamics in your relationship will shift. No matter the direction of your current relationship, the skills we will practice together will serve you well for the rest of your life.
  • Individuals after a breakup – Breakups can be painful.  After a breakup, I support you in grieving the loss of the relationship, clarifying what’s important to you in future relationships, and learning from the patterns in your previous relationships (including this most recent one).  We work together so you have much more clarity about what you want and are much more prepared to co-create mutually-satisfying relationships.
  • Couples at the start of a long term committed relationship – A great place to start is … at the beginning.  For couples just starting out, I offer pre-marital coaching.  Pre-marital coaching focuses on exploring the typical arc of a long term relationship, viewing your relationship through the lens of mutual relational needs, and practicing the skills to work together as a strong team, to support each other, and to prevent disconnection & resentment.
  • Couples who have decided to uncouple – I work with couples who have decided to end their romantic relationship with as much mutuality, kindness, and care as possible.

For Couples

Coaching sessions for couples are tailored for what’s most important in your relationship right now.  What’s most relevant depends on whether you’re in a relationship that is struggling or making a good one even better.  The common theme is that I work with you both to learn & practice skills for intimacy, compassion, connection, and support so together you can meet what the future holds.

For Individuals

Coaching for individuals depends on whether you are in a romantic relationship or not. 

If you’re in a relationship now, maybe your partner is not ready or willing to participate at this time.  I focus on what you can do to show up differently with skills that shift your current relationship and prepare you with the resilience & strength for whatever the future holds.

Being single is the perfect time to grow and explore what you want.  Coaching sessions focus on healing & learning from past relationships, and growing the skills to partner wholly with another person.  

Programs and Workshops

Often there is value in attending workshops with others or to invest in a self-directed program.  Workshops and programs can be stand-alone or a complement to coaching.  Workshops provide opportunities to learn from other participants.  Self-directed programs can be a cost-effective option, empower you and your partner with the tools of a step-by-step course, and they give you an easy way to get to know me and how I may be of service to you.  Programs and workshops are being offered all the time.  Contact us if you’d like recommendations specific to your situation and needs.